Dona Ho LightseyDona Ho Lightsey is the Creator and Teacher of Violet Alchemy® Dowsing - a modality of energetic multi-dimensional healing for the evolution of your Soul. Officially trademarked in 2010, she is now teaching this training certification to others.

As a Spiritual Teacher, and Master Energy Healer, Dona shares her knowledge of SPIRIT and the Psychology of the Human Energy Field (HEF), giving you insight and understanding of your unresolved psychology and emotional and mental patterns that are limiting you, as well as the spiritual karmic themes that you hold. She facilitates healing of the highest order as an emissary of the Violet Flame of transmutation, forgiveness and freedom.

As a Divine Voice Channel and Celestial Shaman, she guides you into the realms of Spirit transmitting higher frequencies of color (sacred flames or rays) and sound to lead your soul into higher dimensions of love and light, as a rainbow bridge between heaven and earth.

As a Sonic Alchemist Sound Healer, Dona offers channeled sound codes of light languages , and intuitive songs of the soul that flow through her from many spirit healers, Archangels and aspects of the Divine to awaken the seeds of knowing that live within you.

As a Divine Mother Channel in her many forms and emanations, Dona is a keeper of the Ruby Flame and transmits the Pearlescent frequency of Love and Unity, bringing into balance the feminine and masculine aspects of the Divine Self so that ONENESS may be experienced and embodied.

The Gold of Violet Alchemy® aligns with the enlightened, Ascension Path of co-creation
and the embodiment of 5th dimensional consciousness of Love, Peace, Unity and Oneness through an open ignited crystalline/christ-aligned Heart and illuminated Buddha Mind, by the gifts of karmic absolution, activation of the 24 strand DNA and building and connecting to your Body of Light~

The art of Violet Alchemy® teaches and promotes the remembering, reclamation and activation of the Multi-dimensional self and Divinity that lies within.

Violet Alchemy® Healing offers transmutation for the 3D consciousness of ego based duality, limiting beliefs, emotions and illusions of separation, struggle, fear and negativity
AND the karmic absolution or balancing of unresolved energetic blockages from prior incarnations.
Forgiveness, liberation and freedom in the physical, emotional ,mental and spiritual levels can be attained, allowing a Souls' full creative authentic expression/mission
to be realized.

Violet Alchemy® Dowsing transmutes, 3D consciousness (lead) into the higher awareness and experience of 5D consciousness (gold) of unconditional love, respect, peace, unity, oneness, through free will and choice to be in co-creation with SPIRIT. Aligning with this intention and through the dispensations of Divine frequencies (Sacred flames) from the Archangels and enlightened Masters and Mothers of Ascension, forgiveness, transmutation, healing, purification, alignment, illumination, renewal and rebirth is offered.

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